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This datastage online training course is designed to learn Data Warehouse Fundamentals,Data Modelling, ETL Design Process,Data Stage Installation,Introduction to Datastage ,Datastage Administrator,Datastage Director , Datastage Designer , Working with Parallel Job Stages (file,processing,debug ..etc), Advanced Stages in Parallel Jobs , Job Sequencers , Information Analyzer , WebShpere Quality Stage , IBM Information Server Administration Guide etc..

Data Warehouse

The primary concept of data warehousing is that the data stored for business analysis can most effectively be accessed by separating it from the data in the operational systems. As per Ralph Kimble “A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process.”


IBM InfoSphere DataStage

InfoSphere DataStage is a powerful data integration tool. It was acquired by IBM in 2005 and has become a part of IBM Information Server Platform. It uses a client/server design where jobs are created and administered via a Windows client against central repository on a server. The IBM InfoSphere DataStage is capable of integrating data on demand across multiple and high volumes of data sources and target applications using a high performance parallel framework. InfoSphere DataStage also facilitates extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity.

It has three levels of Parallelism which are:

1. Pipeline Parallelism

2. Data Parallelism

3. Component Parallelism

It also has different methods to implement partitioning so that the total processing time for the job execution can be reduced. The degree of partitioning is decided by configuration file. There are 9 partitioning methods that can be used depending on scenario and stage used.

Datastage has two different versions namely Server & Parallel. Server version is used to execute jobs in sequential mode whereas parallel version is used to execute jobs in parallel using the concepts of partitioning and pipelining. Due to increase number of data, the server versions is becoming outdated & most of the projects use only Parallel version to implement business requirement.

Steps involved in Datastage Job design :-

1. Understand the requirement & split in small junks like flow chart.

2. Open Parallel Job in the designer in designing canvas & use the different stages to implement the requirement (as per the flow chart).

3. Compile and execute the job.

4. Verify the log & test the converted data.

There may be other small steps used like usage of parameters/sequencers etc in order


  •  An Introduction of Data warehousing
  •  Purpose of Data warehouse
  •  Data ware Architecture
  •  OLTP Vs Data warehouse Applications


  •  Introduction of Extraction , Transformation and Loading
  •  Types of ETL tools
  •  Key tools in the market


  •  Windows server
  •  Oracle
  •  .NET
  •  Datastage 8.7/9.1/11.3
  •  Topologies of Datastage Installation


  •  Server jobs & Parallel jobs


  •  Administrator client
  •  Designer client
  •  Director client
  •  Import/export manager
  •  Multi client manager
  •  Console for IBM imformation server
  •  Web console for IBM imformation server


  •  Datastage Introduction
  •  IBM Information server Architecture
  •  Datastage Architecture
  •  Web Sphere DataStage Designer
  •  Partitioning Methods
  •  Partitioning Techniques
  •  Designer Canvas
  •  Central Storage
  •  Job Designing
  •  Creating the Jobs
  •  Compiling and Run the Jobs
  •  Exporting and importing the jobs
  •  Parameter passing
  •  System(SMP) & Cluster system(MPP)
  •  Importing Method(Flat file, Txt, xls and Database files)
  •  Configuration file


  1.  Oracle Database
  2.  Dynamic RDBMS
  3.  ODBC
  4.  SQL Server
  5.  Teradata
  6.  Sequential File
  7.  Dataset
  8.  Lookup File set
  9.  Peek
  10.  Head
  11.  Tail
  12.  Row Generator
  13.  Column Generator
  14.  Aggregator
  15.  Copy
  16.  Compress
  17.  Expand
  18.  Filter
  19.  Modify
  20.  Sort
  21.  Switch
  22.  Lookup
  23.  Join
  24.  Marge
  1.  Change Capture
  2.  Change Apply
  3.  Compare
  4.  Difference
  5.  Funnel
  6.  Remove Duplicate
  7.  Surrogate Key Generator
  8.  Pivot stage
  9.  Transformer
  10.  Shared Containers
  11.  Local Containers
  •  About DS Director
  •  Validation
  •  Scheduling
  •  Status
  •  View logs
  •  Monitoring
  •  Suppress and Demote the Warnings
  •  Peek view


  •  Create Project
  •  Delete Project
  •  Protect Project
  •  Environmental variables
  •  Auto purge
  •  RCP
  •  Multiple Instances
  •  Job Sequence Settings


  •  Job Activity
  •  Job sequencer
  •  Start loop Activity
  •  End loop Activity
  •  Notification Activity
  •  Terminator Activity
  •  Nested Condition Activity
  •  Exception handling Activity
  •  Execute Command Activity
  •  Wait for file Activity
  •  User variable Activity
  •  Adding Check Points
  •  Restartable

Few other Important topics

  •  Usage of Find option in Datastage Designer
  •  Job designing Standards to be used while designing the jobs
  •  Performance tuning tips


  • Can I get recorded sessions of a live class?

    Yes, this can be done. Moreover, this ensures that when you will start with your batch, the concepts explained during the classes will  be recorded and available to you .

  • How will I execute the Practicals?

    We will help you to setup the required environment for practicals.

  • I have a windows system. Can that be used to work on the assignments?

    Yes, One can always use Windows to work on assignments. Our 24*7 team support will guide you to get the set-up ready.

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Project: 10Hrs

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