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Symantec Netbackup Training

Symantec/Veritas NetBackup Admin Course Provides with instructions on the functionality of Netbackup Software, course covers the general principles to develop & Implement astorage management strategy.

Our NetBackup training course is aimed at helping the learners understand the concepts of database backup and recovery process. NetBackup is a comprehensive enterprise level solution that facilitates data protection, backup and recovery through an array of innovative disks and tape options. By reducing the complexity that occurs due to the usage of a vast selection of hardware, storage technologies, virtualization and databases, NetBackup makes the entire process of taking regular and incremental backups manageable.


Our NetBackup Trainingemphasizes on providing exhaustive knowledge pertaining to Symantec NetBackup software suite whilst helping the learners with configuration and management of NetBackup using commands, scripts and graphical interfaces.


Course Objectives


The primary objectives of our NetBackup training online course include:

  1. Understand how the different NetBackup Software and its clients function.
  2. Develop detailed understanding over the different aspects related to NetBackup suite, architecture and communication mechanisms.
  3. Comprehend the deployment of the Netbackup suite for virtualization, carrying out backup and recovery of data.
  4. Develop detailed understanding of the storage media devices, storage pools, admin interfaces & privileges.
  5. Understand how Symantec Netbackup can be customised for the database and recovery log.
  6. Develop a profound understanding of policy management, client configuration, backup-archive client functions, and protection of storage pools.
  7. Comprehend the operations automation, monitoring and event logging.
  8. Understand the different types of backup methodologies, and the ideal environment for their deployment.
  9. Develop thorough understanding of the data recovery methodologie

Why Choose Our NetBackup Training Online Course?


VidhyaLive is among the leading providers of the online Netbackup training courses, and we ensure:

  1. Our learners get access to interactive real-time live video sessions
  2. Get access to the video based training sessions from anywhere & anytime
  3. Learn at their own pace with instant query resolution
  4. Complete preparation for the Symantec NetBackup certification
  5. Fully equipped lab infrastructure for hands-on training
  6. Round the Clock technical support

Our NetBackup training online course contents are comprised of:


  • Introduction to Symantec support, data protection, NetBackup concepts, NetBackup environment and NetBackup options
  • NetBackup installation and configuration with details pertaining to prerequisites for installation, ideal installation environment, pre-installation utility, NetBackup clients installation and NetBackup installation verification
  • Comprehensive coverage of NetBackup Admin console and OpsCenter
  • NetBackup storage concept, configuration and verification of tape storage devices and media configuration
  • Configuration of the basic & advanced disk storage and additional NetBackup storage concepts
  • Comprehensive coverage of NetBackup backup policies
  • Performing file system backups and restoration of data
  • Optimization of file system backups, usage of incremental backup file system snapshots and usage of multiple data streams
  • Enterprise backup concepts and administration along with VM data protection concepts
  • NetBackup processes and support resources



We provide our learners a course certification letter on the completion of the course. After your real time project performance is reviewed by our expert panel, we provide you “NetBackup Expert” certification. Our certification letter is a professional document which exhibits your capabilities as a NetBackup Admin along with your scored performance in the exam carried out after the course completion.


  1. Symantec Net Backup 7.5 overview
  2. Installing Symantec Net Backup 7.5 overview
  3. Describe Net Backup terminology, architecture, communication mechanisms.
  4. Explain general hardware and software requirements.
  5. Administrative interfaces and privileges
  6. Managing storage pools and storage pool volumes
  7. Storage media devices
  8. Policy management
  9. Customizing the Symantec Net Backup 7.5 database and recovery log
  10. Client configuration
  11. Backup-archive client functions
  12. Protecting the database and storage pools
  13. Automating operations
  14. Monitoring and event logging

Practical Sessions

  1. Install Net Backup 7.5 server and client software Windows/UNIX platforms.
  2. Upgrade a previous version Net Backup environment to version 7.5
  3. Perform common Net Backup configuration tasks
  4. Device configuration
  5. Media manager
  6. Disk storage unit configuration
  7. Storage unit group configuration
  8. Volume and volume pool configuration
  9. Storage server and disk pool configuration
  10. Policy, schedule, and storage lifecycle policy configuration.
  11. Perform common Net Backup administrative tasks
  12. Backup report generation and analysis
  13. Identify and collect Net Backup failure status and related information
  14. Troubleshoot and resolve common backup and restore problems
  15. Gather Net Backup troubleshooting information and log files using utilities provided with Net Backup

  • Can I get recorded sessions of a live class?

    Yes, this can be done. Moreover, this ensures that when you will start with your batch, the concepts explained during the classes will  be recorded and available to you .

  • How will I execute the Practicals?

    We will help you to setup the required environment for practicals.

  • I have a windows system. Can that be used to work on the assignments?

    Yes, One can always use Windows to work on assignments. Our 24*7 team support will guide you to get the set-up ready.

Vidhyalive certified ‘Netbackup Expert’ based on your project performance, reviewed by our expert panel.


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Course Feature

Online Classes: 30 Hrs

30 live classes of 1 hour each by Industry practitioners

Assignments: 15Hrs

Personal assistance/installation guides for setting up the required environment for Assignments / Projects

Project: 10Hrs

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving Netbackup components.

Lifetime Access: Life time

Lifetime access to the learning management system including Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects

24 x 7 Support

Lifetime access to the support team (available 24/7) in resolving queries during and after the course completion

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Vidhyalive certified ‘Symantec Netbackup’ based on your project performance, reviewed by our expert panel