Salesforce Training

Salesforce Training

The ADM 201 and App Builder (Old Name = DEV 401) are the most popular Salesforce certifications in the industry. This course will ensure you that with systematic training.

Salesforce Training

How will You get Benefit?

The ADM 201 and App Builder (Old Name = DEV 401) are the most popular Salesforce certifications in the industry. This course will ensure you that with systematic training.


After the Admin section you will be able to:

Customize your application, User Interface and business processes.

Create a secure environment.

Maintain and import data.

Create useful reports and dashboards.

Set up automation in any business.


After the Developer section course you will be able to:

Configure a standard Salesforce application

Enhance Salesforce user interface and data model.

Set Declarative functionality of the platform.

Identify what application design specifications & deliver best results

Work on migration process

Work on Salesforce mobile

Work on Salesforce Lightning

Identify appropriate solutions to specific business need

What jobs will I get?


The ADM 201 and DEV Certifications will qualify you for the following jobs

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Analyst

Business Solutions Analyst – Salesforce

Salesforce Systems Administrator

SFDC Developer

Senior Solutions Architect

Infrastructure Support Analyst

Day  1 (DEMO)

  • Introduction on Cloud Computing
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS(Platform as a Service)
  • SaaS(Software as a Service)
  • Introduction on CRM
  • Introduction on SalesForce.Com

Day  2

Introduction on Force.Com

  • The Basics of an App
  • About the Sample Recruiting App
  • Building the App: Our Design

Day  3

Building a Simple App

  • Becoming Familiar with the Setup Area
  • Introducing Apps
  • Introducing Objects
  • Introducing Tabs
  • Introducing Fields

Day  4 (Medium)

  • Becoming Familiar with Setup Detail Pages and Related Lists
  • Adding Advanced Fields

Day  5

Enhancing the Simple App with Advanced Fields, Data Validation, and Page Layouts

  • Field Dependencies
  • Introducing Validation Rules

Day  6

  • Introducing Page Layouts
  • Page Layouts with Different interfaces/aspects

Day  7 (High)

Expanding the Simple App Using Relationships

  • Introducing Relationships
  • Relationship Custom Fields

Day  8

  • Introducing Search Layout
  • Lookup Layouts
  • Other Layouts

Day  9 (High)

  • Managing Review Assessments
  • Roll-up Summary fields
  • Introduction on Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship

Day  10 (High)

Creating More Objects

  • Introduction Users and User fields

Day  11 (High)

Introduction on Data import

  • Introduction on Roles, Profiles
  • Permission Sets & its Field Level Permissions
  • Import Data Using Import wizard
  • Record Type

Day  12 (Most Important)

Securing and Sharing Data

  • Controlling Access to Data in Our App
  • Data Access Concepts


Day  13

  • Controlling Access to Objects
  • Controlling Access to Fields


Day  14 (Most Important)

Controlling Access to Records

  • Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Creating Roles and Role Hierarchies

Day  15

  • Creating Public Groups and Queues (also, difference between them)
  • Introducing Sharing Rules
  • Introducing Manual Sharing

Day  16

Using Custom Workflow Processes

  • Introducing Workflow
  • Workflow in Our Recruiting App
  • Creating Workflow Rules That Assign Tasks

Day  17 (High)


  • Creating a Workflow Rule That Updates Fields
  • Creating a Workflow That Sends Email Alerts


Day  18 (Most Important)

Introducing Approvals Process

  • Planning for Approval Processes
  • Creating an Approval Process
  • Creating Approval Steps

Day  19

Analyzing Data with Reports and Dashboards

  • Introducing Reports
  • Report Formats


Day  20

  • Creating a Summary Report
  • Creating a Matrix Report with Time-Base Filters, and Conditional Highlighting

Day  21

  • Introducing Dashboards
  • Adding Dashboard Components

Day  22 (Most Important)

  • Architecture Apex /
  • DataTypes, GlobalVariables, Functions, and Operators, Expression.
  • Classes, Objects, and Interfaces.

Day  23

  • Collections
  • Apex Classes,Trigger : Real time example
  • Introduction to Visual Force
  • Enabling VF for your Organization

Day  24

  • Creating First VF page
  • Creating First Controller Using Query String Parameter in VF page
  • Building PageBlock Table in VF page
  • Building Form in VF page

Day  24

  • Controllers
  • Types of Controllers
  • Differences between Controllers

Day  25

  • Intro to SOQL and Examples
  • Intro to SOCL and Examples


  • Can I get recorded sessions of a live class?

    Yes, this can be done. Moreover, this ensures that when you will start with your batch, the concepts explained during the classes will  be recorded and available to you .

  • How will I execute the Practicals?

    We will help you to setup the required environment for practicals.

  • I have a windows system. Can that be used to work on the assignments?

    Yes, One can always use Windows to work on assignments. Our 24*7 team support will guide you to get the set-up ready.

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Course Feature

Online Classes: 30 Hrs

30 live classes of 1 hrs each by Industry practitioners

Assignments: 20 HRS

Personal assistance/installation guides for setting up the required environment for Assignments / Projects

Project: 10 HRS

Live project based on any of the selected use cases.

Lifetime Access: Life time

Lifetime access to the learning management system including Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects

24 x 7 Support

Lifetime access to the support team (available 24/7) in resolving queries during and after the course completion

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