SAN Training(EMC Storage)

SAN Training(EMC Storage)

This course EMC Symmetrix Storage training is designed for storage professionals deploying and managing Symmetrix VMAXe, TimeFinder/ Clone in open systems environments. This course provides an in-depth knowledge of EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage Configuration management.



About The Course

Course Overview


This course EMC Symmetrix Storage training is designed for storage professionals deploying and managing Symmetrix VMAXe, TimeFinder/ Clone in open systems environments. This course provides an in-depth knowledge of EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage Configuration management.


Target Audience


  •  Install Symmetrix Management Console and use the same to manage Symmetrix arrays
  •  Manage Symmetrix environments using the Symmetrix Command Line Interface





  • Storage requirements for today’s virtual data center
  • Unprecedented performance and scale
  • Secure information infrastructure
  1.  Symmetrix Data at Rest Encryption
  2.  IPv6 and IPSec support
  3.  EMC Certified Data Erasure
  4.  The Symmetrix Audit Log
  5.  Audit Integration with RSA enVision
  6. Symmetrix Service Credential, Secured by RSA
  7. Symmetrix Access Control

The Symmetrix VMAX Architecture

  • The symmetrix heritage
  • The symmetrix VMAX storage system
  • Symmetrix VMAX Hardware architecture
  • The symmetrix VMAX engine
  • Global memory
  • Virtual matrix interconnect
  • Supported Drives types
  1.  Ultra-high performance: Enterprise Flash drives
  2. High performance: Fibre Channel and SAS drives
  3.  High capacity: SATA drives
  • Hypervolumes
  • Metavolumes

Availability and System Integrity

  • Symmetrix component-level protection and redundancy
  • Symmetrix VMAX series error detection and remote support
  • Service processor functionality
  1.  management integration
  2.  EMC remote support
  • Global memory protection and redundancy
  • System-wide error checking and correction code
  • Physical memory error correction and error verification
  • Data protection and error checking
  1.  Byte-level error checking
  2.  Block-level crc error checking
  3.  Global memory protection from power failure

The Enginuity Operating Environment

  • Tiered storage optimization
  • Dynamic cache partitioning
  • Symmetrix priority controls
  • Enhance LUN Technology
  • Symmetrix virtual provisioning
  • Business continuity solutions-local and remote replication
  • EMC SRDF base products

Data Migration Options

  • Open replicator
  • SRDF/Data Mobility (SRDF/DM) and adaptive copy
  • EMC powerpath migration enabler (PPME)
  • Federated Live migration

Management and Operations

  • Symmetrix Management Console (SMC)
  • Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA)
  • EMC z/OS Storage Manager (EzSM)
  • EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware vSphere

Symmetrix Configuration Management with SMC

  • Describe how to set Symmetrix Metrics and Device Attributes, manage Dynamic RDF and Device Pools
  • Map and Mask Devices using Autoprovisioning
  • Manage Virtual Provisioning with Solutions Enabler
  • Use the Symmetrix Management Console to perform Configuration Management
  • Configure and Manage FAST using SYMCLI and SMC

Symmetrix Management Console Fundamentals

  • Perform Symmetrix configuration and replication tasks with SMC
  • Articulate the differences between SMC and the Solutions Enabler command line interface (SYMCLI)

Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA) Fundamentals

  • Explain the use of gatekeepers and the process of gatekeeper selection
  • Describe the purpose of options files and the usage of environment variables
  • Describe the function of commonly used Solutions Enabler daemons

Unisphere for Symmetrix VMAX Implementation and Management

  • Describe Unisphere for VMAX (UNIVMAX) functionality and architecture
  • Install and configure Unisphere for VMAX
  • Navigate the Unisphere for VMAX user interface
  • Perform Unisphere for VMAX administration tasks

Symmetrix VMAXe Administration and Management

  • Describe how to create devices, set Symmetrix metrics and device attributes,manage device pools
  • Describe virtual provisioning concepts and manage virtual provisioning
  • Map and mask devices using autoprovisioning
  • Migrate devices non-disruptively using virtual LUN migration
  • Configure and manage FAST VP
  • Describe and perform SRDF/e operations
  • Describe and perform TimeFinder/Clone operations

  • Can I get recorded sessions of a live class?

    Yes, this can be done. Moreover, this ensures that when you will start with your batch, the concepts explained during the classes will  be recorded and available to you .

  • How will I execute the Practicals?

    We will help you to setup the required environment for practicals.

  • I have a windows system. Can that be used to work on the assignments?

    Yes, One can always use Windows to work on assignments. Our 24*7 team support will guide you to get the set-up ready.


You will work on a real time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a data set to work.


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Course Feature

Online Classes: 25 Hrs

30 live classes of 1 hr each by Industry practitioners

Assignments: 10 Hrs

Personal assistance/installation guides for setting up the required environment for Assignments / Projects

Project: 10 Hrs

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, storage area networks,EMC storage.

Lifetime Access: Lifetime

Lifetime access to the learning management system including Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects

24 x 7 Support

Lifetime access to the support team (available 24/7) in resolving queries during and after the course completion

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